Pregnancy For Me Was..

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the biggest shocks of my life. My mind was racing just thinking about the fact that a human being would be growing inside of me! I needed to tell my boyfriend, my sisters, my nieces, my friends, but I contemplated because I was afraid of what everyone would think. Thoughts of abortion and adoption started to cloud my mind because I was unsure of how I would take care of a baby. Making minimum wage, going to school full time, and two semesters left before was I gonna do that?

My boyfriend and I made a decision to go through with the pregnancy. Was I happy, was I sad that I was pregnant? I was scared, very scared. If you’ve come across this blog it’s probably because you’ve been browsing the internet to get some insight or just read about other’s experiences because you’re expecting. I can tell you now that it’s normal to feel scared and it’s normal to not even know how you feel. Let me take you through a journey of my experiences…

First Trimester

My first trimester went…smooth surprisingly. I went crazy searching on the internet looking for anything that could tell me what to expect. I read about expecting morning sickness, nausea, extreme fatigue, and so much more so I was expecting all of these symptoms to come at any given time. As days and weeks went by I didn’t have any morning sickness, nor was I nauseous. I was rocking this pregnancy! (Or so I thought). I was more tired than usual and as you have probably guessed, hungry.

Everyone’s body is different, therefore what I may have experienced during pregnancy, you may be experiencing something totally different. Don’t you wish it was like menu where you got to choose what symptoms you wanted? I don’t think anyone would be ordering off of that menu!

Second Trimester

As I entered my second trimester, nausea decided to welcome its self into my pregnancy that was going oh so well. I couldn’t eat my favorite breakfast anymore. I could barely eat or drink anything, except for fruit and water which was better for me anyway. Everything else left a disgusting taste in my mouth. To help with the nausea, you can talk with your doctor and they will probably prescribe you medicine to help with the nausea. I’m not a big medicine taker so if you’re like me, some of the tips below may help you.

  • Nibble on crackers
  • Eat smaller meals
  • Eat or sniff lemons (eating them helped me alot)
  • Nap frequently throughout the day

As I mentioned, what worked for me may not work for you but its worth a try!

Third Trimester

Finally, its nearing the end, its almost over! Toward the middle of my third trimester, I got so sick, it was unbearable. The nausea had calmed down alot but I would probably have taken the nausea over this! I was congested, had a stuffy nose, a bad headache, and worst of all…I couldn’t all. I couldn’t lie down flat so I had to use the recliner chair as my bed for almost two weeks. Can you imagine?!

I was definitely over the pregnancy at this point. I was uncomfortable because I wasn’t feeling well, uncomfortable because I couldn’t get comfortable, and uncomfortable because baby just decided to ball up in that one spot and kick me every five minutes. I was so desperate I was begging the baby to please be nice and stop kicking me so I could try to get some rest. Wanna know how well that worked out? It didn’t. It’s like he moved and kicked me even more. If you’ve made it to this point in your pregnancy thus far, I hope you’re having it better than I did. If you haven’t made it to this point yet, wait on it. Not to say that you will experience everything that I have but I can say, the further you get along baby is definitely gonna be running out of space in there so they’re gonna be all over the place!

Good news is once the day comes for you to deliver, you’re not gonna care about any of this anymore because your focus will now be on meeting your little angel for the first time and I must say, all of that pain and discomfort is definitely worth it!


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