Is Becoming A Door Dasher Worth It?

Have you considered being a door dasher but you’ve been wondering if it was worth your time? Well, I’m going to let you know the ins and outs, the good and bad, and everything in between of being a door dasher and maybe that can help you decide.

A typical day of dashing begins checking your map on the Dasher app to see if you have the option to “Dash Now” or if there are any open availabilities to schedule a dash. Whichever option is chosen, once it’s time to begin your dash, you will need to check be sure you have your red card, a charged phone, your hot bag, and more importantly enough gas! Don’t worry the app will remind you of this every time.

Once you have gone through the checklist and acknowledged that you have everything, you are now ready to receive your first order.

Hot Spots

Now, depending on the area you live in and how busy it is, you could receive your first order in seconds of logging on. If this isn’t the case, then you will have to drive to a “hot spot”. This is normally a place that is surrounded by a lot of restaurants. The more you dash, the more familiar you will become of the hot spots in your area. After a drop off when you are waiting to receive your next order, the app will navigate you to the nearest hot spot of your last drop off which can be a good and bad thing.

One of the pros of being navigated to a hot spot near your last drop off is that you don’t have a far distance to drive and you will more than likely receive another order quicker. On another note, if you start delivering in a certain area and want to stay in that area, one of the cons of being navigated to the nearest hot spot is that you will begin getting orders farther and farther away from where you initially started. You’ll eventually end back up in the area you started in but I personally would prefer to just stay in my area. For example, if your drop off is 15 minutes away from your initial start area and you don’t get an order right away, the app will direct you to a hot spot in that area instead of sending you all the way back to where you came from. Like I said, this could be a good and bad thing.


I know this is the main part you have probably been anxious to hear about. Door dash pays you every Monday or if you want, you can cash out your earnings everyday. You will have the option to cash out once you’ve reached a total of 25 lifetime deliveries.

The pay out for each delivery varies. I know when I first started, I thought there was an hourly wage plus the total amount of the delivery. If you are too thinking this, it’s not the case. You don’t get paid hourly nor do you always get paid the same amount for each delivery, instead you get paid based on the amount door dash offers. For instance, if an order comes through and it totals out to be $6.15, you will be offered that amount. You can either accept it or decline it. This amount includes the customer’s tip, door dash base pay ($1), plus door dash additional pay (varies). The payout of each order is determined by door dash. The typical payout is normally anywhere between $5-$9 because the average person tips between $1-$3 although in some cases it could be more.

So, is becoming a door dasher worth your time? It all depends on you and your reason for door dashing. If you’re looking for a quick way to make a few dollars just delivering someone’s food, this is one of the easiest way I know. You can dash for about 2 hours and make $40 or even more. That averages out to about $20 an hour, which is more than what the average person makes working full time! I normally door dash on the weekends and can make an extra $100 just by dashing for two days. If you would like to dash full time I would suggest investing in a used car that you don’t mind putting lots of miles. I would also suggest downloading Quickbooks Selfemployed:Mileage Tracker & Taxes app to keep track of your mileage so when it comes time to do taxes, you will have this information handy.

Comment your thoughts below about door dashing and if you feel it’s worth it considering the pay, delivery distances, tips, and everything else you would take into consideration before applying for a job like this.

If you decide to give door dash a try, you can use my referral code and get a $50 bonus after 200 deliveries in 60 days!


4 thoughts on “Is Becoming A Door Dasher Worth It?

  1. I love this blog. It’s very informative & you answered some of the questions that I was wondering about! Thank you!! 🙂


  2. Sounds like a really fun part time job. Though I think you would need a really good (small) car to make this work. If it were me, I would not recommend using the family car as you’ll run it into the ground just over some pocket money. This could be a better option for most than a pizza delivery job.


    1. Hi Beverly! It really is a fun and easy job to make some quick cash. Depending on the amount if time you are willing to dedicate, one could make a decent income. I agree that if one chooses to do a job such as this that they don’t use their personal car because its alot of driving around and that will definitely put wear and tear on your car.


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